Spring Start Up

DSCF0026Do you have a nice landscape like this one here but feel like it needs just a little bit more? My secret to the best spring project? Edge and mulch. Thats right, just spade edge your beds and top dress your mulch. Stand back in enjoy the neat and tidy look of your property.

Remember that mulch needs to be under 3″ deep. If you have that much already just fluff it with a hard rake. Creating a spade edge along your beds helps to define the area and keep turf grass from creeping into your planting space. Add a few annuals or potted plants and enjoy!


Lungwort, Pulmonaria saccharata


This little beauty is popping up in gardens across central Ohio right now. Lungwort has beautiful foliage long after the 6 or so weeks of bloom fade. If you are itching for blooms early in the spring season add a few of these to your part shade garden space. They work well with Hosta, Astilbe and your spring bulbs.


Start With A Plan


Get organized and start this growing season off with a plan. Knowing what you would like to accomplish this year will help you develop a game plan for moving forward. I am a professional and still have to remind myself every spring to get organized before I even think about going into a nursery to look at the plant material.

What are your long term goals? Building a deck or patio, installing a vegetable garden or creating curb appeal are all big projects.  Figure out what you need, set a budget, shop around and then implement. What are your short term goals? Sprucing up your existing deck or patio, adding to your existing garden or landscape beds? Find a color scheme for paint, pillows, annuals and create your style this year. Try heirloom vegetable seeds or plants and see if the flavor really is better.

I encourage you to embrace spring and move forward with confidence and enjoy planning. I offer consultations and make over workshops if you need advise. Follow this link for more information.



More of Less

Philadelphia Conference 091

Are you trying to make changes to your landscape? Are you overwhelmed as to the choices like plant material? Consider this,
Will it like my location?
Will it look well with the rest of our landscape and home?
Will it offer year around interest?
Will I kill it accidentally?
Can it handle the occasional kid intervention or random dog urine?
How much should I buy?
I have an idea. As easy way to do it yourself without the help of a professional is to buy more of less. Pick a plant that you love, that has a long interest (say May -July bloom) that likes your location (sun, shade) and buy a lot of it.

If want or need help contact me and I can talk with you over the phone to see what plan of action you may need. A simple on site consult or a make over workshop. Both are fun and affordable. We can come up with solutions that work for your site and family. Spend your money wisely and have a great plan before you buy.