Spade Edged Bed

Do you ever wonder how to keep the grass out of your planting beds?  No fancy gadgets needed for this one, just the ordinary garden shovel. Turf grass spreads by the underground root system. The best way to combat the intrusion of grass in your beds is to create a void in the lawn around your beds with air. Thats right. Air.  The roots will not attempt to grow in the open air.

Take your garden spade, and dig out the soil all around your bed. That soil waste gets pretty heavy so have a wheel barrel to receive it.  You can use this soil/grass combo to fill in those low spots in your lawn you have been cursing.  You are creating a crisp edge that will define your garden space from the lawn.

The key to the longevity of a spade edge bed is keeping debris out of it. Mulch, grass clippings, leaves can settle in this void and create a wonderful environment for the grass roots to spread right on over to your bed. Keep it tidy with a soft rake and remember to dip your lawn mower wheel in the trough slightly to keep that turf under control. IMG_4441IMG_4442IMG_4443