Welcome to my humble space and please enjoy the photos.  This blog is a vessel to organize my thoughts and creative spirit about design, plant material and the amazing spaces that I come in contact with. Sometimes I include projects that I am hired to work on and others, I am just noticing the changing landscape around me in central Ohio. I have been a professional land space designer and creative consultant for years and have enjoyed every property that I have been invited to help alter and transform. My true specialty is on site consulting because I am able to work directly with a home owner and help to organize their space.

I offer full scale Design Services, Make Over Workshops,  Consultations and the occasional class. You may contact me at: six- one- four -477-7247 or shannonbrewster@mail.com

Current rates for Consulting are as follows

1 -1/2 Consultation is $120: We will walk through your site and plan your changes. I will take notes and sketch while we discuss. They are yours to keep when I leave. Specific needs such as plant material, quantities, where and what to buy, priority lists will be addressed. I usually bring a few books in case we need visuals. We will have fun and I encourage all members of the family that want to be a part of the process to be present.

Make Over Workshop $375: We will walk through your site and plan your changes. I will take notes and measurements. We will need 2-3 hours to design your space together. I will spend time at my home office finalizing your plan and preparing information for you to implement. A one hour follow up meeting is next.  I will present to the plan (what ever part of the property we are working on) along with plant photos and information on each, design inspiration photos and details needed to implement. This works best for the do it yourself and/or if you plan to hire out any or just part of the project. As with the Consultation listed above, we will have a great time planning your changes.

Design Services (full scale) start at $900: This is a whole property change. If you are making a clean sweep or need a lot of detailed changes to be hired out, this is for you. We will have an initial Consultation, a follow up (in most cases) and a final presentation. It is designed specifically for the home owner to be a part of the design process, approval of design work and to be able to use prepared design with a Landscape Professional for installation.

Real Estate Services:  As a qualified real estate professional, I am ready to assist you with all of your real estate needs. My approach is customized for each client; my solutions are never one-size-fits-all! Please view my website at Shannon Brewster as an introduction of my services and capabilities in this local area. Give me a call or send an email when you are ready to visit some homes or to schedule a free home selling consultation. I look forward to working with you!

Updated 09-2016


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Co says:

    Okay gotta a question about how to work over-around huge engrained tree stumps (well really they were enormous shrubs that previous owners removed and just overed with a bit of mulch- thanks previous owners) they flank our entrance and they are not going anywhere- thoughts?

  2. They mulched over them because they need removed. This could be a great opportunity to release frustrations. You could hire someone to dig them out or do it yourself. After they are gone you could plant something that you like.
    You could always sit a beautiful potted plant on these stumps and let them decompose for a few years.

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