Start With A Plan


Get organized and start this growing season off with a plan. Knowing what you would like to accomplish this year will help you develop a game plan for moving forward. I am a professional and still have to remind myself every spring to get organized before I even think about going into a nursery to look at the plant material.

What are your long term goals? Building a deck or patio, installing a vegetable garden or creating curb appeal are all big projects.  Figure out what you need, set a budget, shop around and then implement. What are your short term goals? Sprucing up your existing deck or patio, adding to your existing garden or landscape beds? Find a color scheme for paint, pillows, annuals and create your style this year. Try heirloom vegetable seeds or plants and see if the flavor really is better.

I encourage you to embrace spring and move forward with confidence and enjoy planning. I offer consultations and make over workshops if you need advise. Follow this link for more information.



One thought on “Start With A Plan

  1. Anita says:

    Shannon, Thank you so much for Wednesday. You are amazing! I really feel like I have a workable plan for my yard now. Jim likes it too! Love you! Anita

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